All in one forms solution for your business.

Create forms, collect form submissions, and automate workflows with powerful integrations. Formbox has everything you need to build and manage your forms.

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Build your forms the way you want

Whether you want to build a custom HTML form that matches your brand or a hosted form using our powerful form builder, Formbox has you covered.

Create a custom HTML form using whatever framework you prefer. Collect the form submissions using our powerful form backend and automate your data with our native integrations.

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Features that will save you time

With just a few simple clicks you can set up a managed backend for your forms, so you can focus on making the form experience better for your users.

  • Spam protection

    Our spam protection AI handles spam submissions and keeps your inbox safe and sound.

  • Email notifications

    Recieve email notifications every time your form gets a new submission.

  • Submission inbox

    View, share, and manage your form submissions in our easy to use dashboard.

  • Organizations

    Group forms per team, project, or department and manage who has access.

  • Invite your team

    Give your clients or team access to your organization and forms.

  • Data export

    Download all your form submission data to a CSV or JSON file.

  • Domain restrictions

    Only allow form submissions your from the approved domains you trust.

  • Auto responses

    Send auto-responses to your form respondants when they fill out your form.

  • AJAX friendly

    Accept standard requests and works cross-origin.

  • Custom redirects

    Redirect your form respondants to a custom URL after submission.

  • Custom honeypot

    Add a custom honeypot field to your form for even more spam protection.

  • Storage duration

    Set rules for how long to store form submission data.

Use Cases

Whether you are a freelancer, small business, or a large enterprise, Formbox can help you streamline your form data collection.


Utilize Formbox to create custom contact forms for portfolio websites. Streamline and automate the process of collecting inquiries and client information without needing to write any backend code.

Small Businesses

Implement Formbox for order forms, booking systems, or feedback surveys, streamlining the process of collecting and managing customer data with automated email notifications and spam protection.


Leverage Formbox to build forms for multiple clients with seperate organizations, offering a centralized view of all clients and the ability to group forms per client or organization.

Large Enterprise

Integrate Formbox with existing systems using powerful integrations like Google Sheets, Slack, and Mailchimp, facilitating large-scale data collection and management across various departments and teams.

Works with all your favorite frameworks and tools.

Formbox accepts submissions from Jamstack sites, no-code apps, Webflow forms, Wordpress sites, and more! No dependencies or special libraries needed.


How it works

Here's what happens after your form is submitted using Javascript forms or HTML forms.

Connect your form

Update the ACTION url on your form on your website with the formbox submission endpoint.

Get submissions

Recieve submissions and get email notifications of new submissions.

Send auto response email

Notify respondants that you have recieved thier submission and will get back in contact.

Connect to apps you use

Link your form to third party apps like Google Sheets or Slack in just a few clicks

Connect with your favorite apps

Speed up your workflow by connecting Formbox to tools you already use and love. Seamlessly integrate your forms without writing any extra code.

Google Sheets

Send submissions to a spreadsheet.


Send submissions to Airtable.


Send submissions to Notion.


Send Slack messages for new submissions.


Sync data with Mailchimp and send follow up emails.


Send submissions to your favorite tools.

Get started with Formbox today.

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